George and the Dragon

St George is the Patron Saint of many countries including Canada, Portugal, Germany as well as England. His story inspired generations of medieval knights to live a life of chivalry and honour.

  • Learn what it was like to be a Medieval Knight and listen to the story of Saint George and the Dragon

  • Go on a Dragon hunt

  • Make shields and swords to battle dragons.

The children absolutely loved their visit from 'Sir Hugo the Heroic' the medieval knight. As Mr Chapman walked into the hall, the children (all sixty of them) were entranced, hanging on his every word. I have never seen them sit so still and so quietly completely engaged! Mr Chapman looked brilliant, he wore chain mail and an authentic helmet along with a sword and shield. He brought the story of George and the Dragon to life getting children to put on costumes and play the main characters. After the story, the children went back to their classrooms to make their own swords and shields while Mr Chapman met the other two classes in the hall.

After lunch Mr Chapman organised a dragon hunt around our school field for the whole of Year One; he provided clues and used a smoke machine to further captivate and engage the children. I would highly recommend Mr Chapman as it is a perfect hook into topic work and feeds the children's imagination.

James Altoft Year 1 teacher Trenance Learning Academy