Lighthouse Keeper

Mr Grinling is having trouble with those pesky seagulls who keep eating his lunch. Mrs Grinling has a cunning plan to save her husband's lunch. Pupils find out what this plan is in this interactive story.

  • What it's like to be a Lighthouse Keeper

  • The lighthouse Keeper's Lunch

  • The Lighthouse Keeper's Catastrophe

  • Working model of a Lighthouse

  • Mystery objects to identify

  • Trail of rubber stamps for pupils to find

"Wow, what an amazing way to bring a story to life. Adrian really captured the children's imaginations and portrayed the character in such an engaging way. The morning was very visual using lots of homemade props; there was clearly a lot of thought and research gone into this character. The children really thought a Lighthouse Keeper had come to visit and they were talking about it all afternoon. We can't wait to see Adrian in the role of other characters and would love to have him back soon. What a great start to our English block! Thank you"

Katherine Elliot Year 1 Teacher
Whitleigh Primary School Plymouth