Percy the Parkkeeper

Find out what a Parkkeeper really does and how Percy looks after his friends. The great oak tree in the park is blown over in a great storm but where are Percy's friends gone? The pupils will go on a trail to find them.

  • The job of a Parkkeeper

  • The habitats of animals

  • Story "After the Storm"

  • Trail of 30 toy animals for the children to find

  • Story Owl takes Charge

"What a truly magical experience for the children, they were totally engrossed with Adrian’s portrayal of the character and fascinated by the props he brought in. There were squeals of excitement as the children found the animals in the wood. It was lovely to hear the children tell their parents about their experience. The follow up work we did showed that the children had learnt a lot of information through this thoroughly enjoyable experience. I think every child should have a Park Keeper visit!!"

Natalie Jones Year 1 Teacher
Widey Court Primary School Plymouth