It is May 1940 and the Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain has just resigned. Winston Churchill takes his place at one of the darkest points of World War ll. He begins to turn the tide of the war by giving the British people hope with a series of carefully crafted speeches. Relive the moments when Churchill galvanised a nation after the evacuation of the BEF from the beach at Dunkirk, the Battle of Britain and the Allied Victory at El Alamein.

Typical Workshop
  • Presentation of Churchill’s most important WW2 speeches
  • Speech writing exercise which are later read in character
  • Propaganda Poster Rummy
  • Blitz Simulation with mini searchlights, planes, sounds and smoke
  • Mystery object activity
  • Glider workshop make a Spitfires or a Messerschmidt 109

“The day was fantastic. The children’s imagination was captured right from the moment that they walked into the room with the music playing and Churchill sat at the desk with the type writer etc. Over a week later they are still talking about it and we had to add the battle of El Alamein onto a timeline that we were looking at as they noticed it missing! “

Kerrie Moore KS2 Teacher
Veryan Primary School