Born in the Greek City State of Syracuse, Archimedes is tasked by his King to invent weapons to defend against the Romans who have besieged the City. Learn about those inventions and many others which made Archimedes one of the most brilliant minds in the Ancient Greek World.

Typical Workshop
  • Presentation about the life and inventions of Archimedes
  • Demonstrations of the Archimedes Screw and the Archimedes Principle.
  • Presentation about what the Ancient Greeks have done for us.
  • Storytelling Theseus and the Minotaur pupils form the walls of the maze beneath the Palace of Knossos as Theseus tells his story.
  • Ancient Greek board game for pupils to play
  • Set of 30 Spartan shields for battle tactics
  • Story of the Battle of Thermopylae

“The children thoroughly enjoyed your visit – thank you so much. It was a fantastic day!”

Samantha Hopper Year 5 Teacher
Lipson Vale Primary School Plymouth