Nicola Endean Year1 Teacher
Parc-Eglos Primary School Helston

“Adrian visited our year ones as Captain Edward Smith, the captain of the tragic liner Titanic. You could tell before Adrian even entered the room he had thoroughly researched his role and thought of how he could engage the children. He thought of every tiny detail; his uniform and make up was amazing, he really did look like the real thing! Adrian’s entrance was spellbinding and once he started his talk he had us all engrossed in his tales of the fateful voyage. Following his performance, Adrian took the children on a Titanic trail around the school grounds, finding out more facts and collecting stamps on their boarding pass. The children were so excited to learn more facts about the Titanic and get answers to their unanswered questions. I would wholeheartedly recommend Adrian to support the learning within your school, a fabulous and unforgettable experience for all!
It truly was amazing!!!!!! Thank you again.”

Mrs Laura Jutson – Year 2 Teacher
Widey Court Primary School Plymouth

“Adrian creatively took the children back in time to 1666 when he magically set the scene as Samuel Pepys writing his diary under candlelight. Throughout this enchanting experience the children had the opportunity to dress up, learn poems and write with quills. I can highly recommend Adrian without hesitation to stimulate a new topic in an inspiring, uplifting way. With his amazing energy and breadth of knowledge he has brought Samuel Pepys to life.”

Michelle Widger  Year 5 Teacher
Ford Primary Plymouth

“I was really impressed with how much you managed to cram into the day and also how you got the balance of information giving and practical activities spot on. The children really enjoyed themselves and your visit was the ideal introduction to our new topic. “

Mel Wardle – Year 5 Teacher
Widey Court Primary Plymouth

“When the Emperor Tai Jia arrived at our classroom door the children’s faces were a picture. Should we sit? Stand? What do we do? Completely in character, the formidable Emperor skilfully challenged the children like the true dictator that he was. They loved it! Eventually giving back just as good as they got. A tremendous experience for them and one they will always remember.”

Caroline Scott Lead Teacher
Coverack Primary School

The day began when ‘Charles Darwin’ walked into our classroom complete with period dress and beard. He told the children about his life, his voyage on H.M.S. Beagle and the plants and animals he found on the Galapagos Islands.
The children were then given different ‘beaks’ and tried to catch ‘worms’ with them, in the process learning about natural selection and camouflage. They also played a question and answer game about animals from the Galapagos Islands. In the afternoon they dug for fossils, identifying them using a key and did observational drawings. They absolutely loved playing the very exciting and specially made board game – Galapagos Monopoly.
All our children took part from Reception to Year 6 and all were really engaged with the activities, accessing them as appropriate to their age and ability.

Mrs Laura Jutson – Year 2 Teacher
Widey Court Primary School Plymouth

“Gasps of excitement could be heard the second Adrian entered the classroom on skis wrapped head to toe in a snowsuit. He took them on their own orienteering adventure led as Captain Scott. The expedition was accomplished when the explorers reached their tents where biscuit treats were delightfully received as a reward. Without a doubt we will be booking Adrian again in the near future.”

Danielle Smith Year 5 Teacher, Mayflower Community Academy Plymouth

“From the moment Adrian `our Viking’ walked into the room, the children were so enthusiastic. It was lovely for them to experience Adrian’s workshops who had worked so hard to bring history to life. Thanks for such a great day. It was so much fun and so exciting and everyone learnt some really great facts.”

Kerrie Moore KS2 Teacher
Veryan Primary School

“The day was fantastic. The children’s imagination was captured right from the moment that they walked into the room with the music playing and Churchill sat at the desk with the type writer etc. Over a week later they are still talking about it and we had to add the battle of El Alamein onto a timeline that we were looking at as they noticed it missing! “