In 1831 a young Naturalist called Charles Darwin set sail on HMS Beagle, a survey ship bound for South America. This journey would change his life and our understanding of Science and the Natural World, giving rise to one of the most important and controversial theories of all time. Relive that journey and discover how this brilliant man changed the way we view the natural world through his theory of Evolution.

Typical Website
  • Darwin’s voyage on the Beagle
  • Finding fossils activity
  • Survival of the Fittest Activity
  • Beak investigation, to discover which beak has the most effective adaptation.
  • Game of discovery on the Galapagos Islands collecting their unique animals

The day began when ‘Charles Darwin’ walked into our classroom complete with period dress and beard. He told the children about his life, his voyage on H.M.S. Beagle and the plants and animals he found on the Galapagos Islands.

The children were then given different ‘beaks’ and tried to catch ‘worms’ with them, in the process learning about Natural Selection and camouflage. They also played a question and answer game about animals from the Galapagos Islands. In the afternoon they dug for fossils, identifying them using a key and did observational drawings. They absolutely loved playing the very exciting and specially made board game – Galapagos Monopoly.

All our children took part from Reception to Year 6 and all were really engaged with the activities, accessing them as appropriate to their age and ability.

Caroline Scott Lead Teacher
Coverack Primary School

What the Children Said

“It was the best day ever” (Y4)

“I really liked his costume” (Y4)

“He played a good role” (Y6)

“He once put a beetle in his mouth!” (Y4)

“It was really fun and he really looked like Charles Darwin” (Y6)

“I learnt Charles Darwin was afraid of blood” (Y2)