In 1492 one man sailed West into the unknown in search of the Spice lands of the East, that man was Christopher Columbus. A fleet of three ships the Santa Maria, the Pinta and the Nina set sail from Spain in search of the riches that the Spice lands could provide. Instead Columbus discovered the New World which he called San Salvador what we know today as the Bahamas. Find out how Columbus overcame the threat of mutiny from his crew to drive them to discover new lands for the glory of God and of Spain.

Typical Workshop
  • The Voyage of Columbus with bespoke poems
  • Navigation workshop
  • Mystery object activity
  • Trail of stamps
  • Columbus Atlas Quiz
  • Game of Exploration – learn about the characters from the Age of Discovery.

In a recent OFSTED inspection the Christopher Columbus visit was referred to as “being part of an exciting curriculum in which the pupils’ interest was thoroughly engaged.” The inspection team also commented that “pupils thoroughly enjoyed themselves and were very excited.”

OFSTED Report February 2016
Victoria Road Primary School Plymouth