In 1911 Captain Robert Falcon Scott led a five man team to reach the South Pole. They reached the Pole on the 18th of January 1912 only to find they had been beaten to it by a Norwegian team weeks earlier. Learn how their heroic sacrifice captured the imagination of a nation and extended our knowledge of the most hostile place on Earth

Typical Workshop
  • Listen to Scott’s Antarctic adventures
  • Pupils sit in tents listening to the sounds of Antarctica
  • Pupils go on a trail finding survival equipment
  • Mystery object activity
  • Play a board game to learn about Antarctica 

“Gasps of excitement could be heard the second Adrian entered the classroom on skis wrapped head to toe in a snowsuit. He took them on their own orienteering adventure led as Captain Scott. The expedition was accomplished when the explorers reached their tents where biscuit treats were delightfully received as a reward. Without a doubt we will be booking Adrian again in the near future.”

Mrs Laura Jutson – Year 2 Teacher
Widey Court Primary School Plymouth