It is AD 128 and Hadrian’s Wall has just been completed. This is the northern most part of the Roman Empire a place where no Roman soldier wants to be. Find out what life was like for a member of the Legion and what impact invasion had on Britannia.

Typical Workshop
  • What was life like for a Roman Legionary soldier
  • Talk on their equipment
  • Play the game Roman Rummy
  • Build Hadrian’s Wall in a bespoke game
  • Timeline activity
  • Roman Numeral activity
  • Mystery Objects
  • Battle tactics using 30 Roman shields and 30 helmets

” The children loved having Adrian with us and we did a lot of practical work. To use the shields is a really good hands on approach. We can’t keep shields and javelins and we don’t have the tools that he has. We would love to do these things every day but it takes a lot of organisation so to have Adrian come in and do that is very beneficial for the children.”

Naomi Bridges Teacher
Mayflower Academy Plymouth