The year is 1066 and a huge Viking fleet sets sail for England. A Viking army led by King Harold Hardrada captures York, the capital of the North. Days later his men wait at a place called Stamford Bridge on a sunny September afternoon to collect Saxon hostages. Little did they know that a Saxon army led by King Harold is marching towards them ready for battle!

Typical Workshop
  • Story of the Battle of Stamford Bridge
  • Viking Runes Activity
  • Modern day Viking words
  • Nine Man’s Morris game
  • Battle drill; making a Shield Wall
  • Timeline activity
  • Viking longboat activity

“From the moment Adrian `our Viking’ walked into the room, the children were so enthusiastic. It was lovely for them to experience Adrian’s workshops who had worked so hard to bring history to life. Thanks for such a great day. It was so much fun and so exciting and everyone learnt some really great facts.”

Danielle Smith Year 5 Teacher, Mayflower Community Academy Plymouth