Emperor Tai Jia the fourth Emperor of the Ancient Shang Dynasty is summoned by his Prime Minister Yi Yin to answer for his crimes against the Chinese people.
The Children take on the role of disgruntled peasants to tell their story of mistreatment at the hands of the Emperor.
What will the court decide?  An interactive presentation in which the children explore what life was like during the Shang Dynasty.

Typical Workshop
  • Interactive trial of the Emperor when the pupils tell their stories of how they have been mistreated as Chinese peasants
  • Learn how to play the Ancient Chinese game of GO (mini version!)
  • Archaeology workshop; unearth Oracle bones and decipher the Shang pictographs to predict the future
  • Timeline activity

“When the Emperor Tai Jia arrived at our classroom door the children’s faces were a picture. Should we sit? Stand? What do we do? Completely in character, the formidable Emperor skilfully challenged the children like the true dictator that he was. They loved it! Eventually giving back just as good as they got. A tremendous experience for them and one they will always remember.”

Mel Wardle – Year 5 Teacher
Widey Court Primary Plymouth